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The Arab Association of Neuropsychology (ANA) is a leading professional organization dedicated to the exploration, understanding, and advancement of neuropsychology within the Arab world. As a beacon of knowledge and professional excellence, ANA unites practitioners, researchers, academics, and students who share a passion for the intricate workings of the human brain and its relationship with behavior and cognition.
Our mission is to foster the growth and dissemination of neuropsychological science and practice. We aim to support research, enhance the quality of clinical care, promote educational opportunities, and provide a forum for professional communication among those interested in the brain-behavior relationship.
We envision a future where neuropsychological services are widely accessible across the Arab world, contributing to enhanced well-being and improved clinical outcomes for individuals affected by neurological, medical, genetic, and developmental disorders.
Excellence: Upholding the highest standards of research, clinical practice, and education.
Inclusivity: Embracing diversity and fostering an environment where all members can contribute and grow.
Collaboration: Encouraging partnerships between various disciplines and cultures to enrich the field of neuropsychology.
Ethics: Maintaining the utmost integrity and ethical standards in all our professional endeavors.
Innovation: Promoting cutting-edge research and novel approaches in neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation.
Founded [2009], the ANA has steadily grown into a prominent association recognized for its commitment to advancing neuropsychology as a science and practice.
Our association is guided by a distinguished board of directors comprising esteemed neuropsychologists and thought leaders who steer us toward our goals.
ANA offers various levels of membership to accommodate the diverse professionals within our field, including full, associate, student, and affiliate memberships. Benefits include access to the latest research, exclusive educational materials, networking opportunities, and discounts on conferences and workshops.
We are deeply committed to community engagement, offering public educational initiatives, awareness campaigns, and volunteering services aimed at demystifying neuropsychological conditions and promoting brain health.
We welcome all those interested in the field of neuropsychology to join our community. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a student starting your journey, or simply an enthusiast, there is a place for you in the Arab Association of Neuropsychology .
For more information about the ANA, our activities, or how to become a member, please Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our professional community.
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